It is the responsibility of a homeowner to look after basic home maintenance and small home improvement tasks around your house.  Not every homeowner knows what they are doing or even where to begin.  There is plenty of help out there from experienced trades people who can help you with everything from finishing your basement to changing your faucet.  There are books that can show you step by step how to complete your next project.  Here are the best home improvement books you can grab.

The Reader’s Digest Fix-it-Yourself Manual

Reader’s Digest has put together one of the most comprehensive manuals on home improvement ever printed.  There are more than 3,000 pictures, illustrations and diagrams to help you with everything from fixing a leaky tap to fixing your dryer.  This simplifies any and all of your home improvement projects for even the least handy among us.

Home Improvement 1-2-3

This book was put together by the experts at the Home Depot, and let’s face it, the staff at home depot have been asked every question under the sun concerning home improvement.  This is a big bulky book that tells you what you need to know about basic plumbing, electrical, wallpaper, flooring, doors, window, cabinets and yes even the kitchen sink.  This book covers new installation techniques and is probably one of the best guides to home improvement ever written.

Big Book of Home How-To

This book was put together by the team from Better Home & Gardens and they claim it is the largest home improvement book ever published.  While that might be debatable, it will give more than 4,000 step by step guides on home improvement tasks.  Everything from the tools you need to complete the project itself.  It is a great book for a beginner with the steps clearly laid out in visual format.

Home Improvement for Dummies

The “Dummies” books are famous for  taking complex tasks and breaking them down into simple steps that a beginner can easily understand.  They have done it on a variety of topics and now they are tackling home improvement.  While this book may not be as comprehensive as some of the others it will help you with very basic tasks like putting in smoke detectors or what type of tools every homeowner should have.

If you head over to the local bookstore there are dozens of books on home improvement from the general to the very specific.  These four are some of the best to get you started, particularly if you’re new to home ownership and everything that goes along with it.